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The best preparation for your trip
Traveling is a book collecting hundreds of your stories. Now you are facing a white note with a Japan map on its cover page and you will start to write your own story soon. You will be an author, and I am ready to be an editor of your trip.

  • The office is ready to answer your questions about Japan and to provide deep preparation through online Zoom sessions.
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  • Our fee is ¥3000 Japanese yen for each 30 minutes (currently about $27 USD or $23 EUROS)
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What is Gastrogeography®?
Gastrogeography is a three-dimensional preparation for understanding your experience, considering the geographical, seasonal, and historical aspects of the foods you encounter. It's a way to explore deep culture in Japan instead of the whirlwind cookie-cutter tours of sight-seeing spots and shops that usually target tourists.

Who hosts your experience at Omiyage Memories?

I am Misao Toyoshima. I have worked as a government-certified professional guide interpreter and medical interpreter for eleven years. I'm a sake sommelier and a pharmacist. I am based in Tokyo, but I guide more than 200 guests per year nationwide.

About Misao

I'm the author of the book 139 Views of Japanese Souvenirs, which is available at Amazon online as an e-book in English and Chinese.

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